First of all, it's nice to see You here. You have come to right place. With Sponsor Bucks Your income is not limited: You will earn 50% on all sales and 50% on all rebills with us. Our paysite is loaded with premium content and we do frequent updates to keep our members happy and have the maximum possible rebill ratio.

    Sponsor Bucks uses CCBILL as the billing processor and we're prouds of that: it is a third party company which handles all financial transactions so You can sleep well knowing we cannot shave Your signups or rebills. CCBILL is the #1 payment processor for adult paysites all over the net now, they cut Your checks and wires, and ours too! They have the greatest reputation for being honest and delivering checks on time, all the time.

    Checks cut by CCBILL are arriving approximately 9 days after the end of the pay period - the second Monday following the end of the pay period. CCBILL affiliates will receive a check once the total equals or exceeds $25.00.

    You and Sponsor Bucks are partners, or companions, we work together to make cash, it's clear: you send us traffic - we convert it and and we both share the revenues fifty-fifty (ok, you get 50% but we get less since CCBILL takes its % from our part).

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    We're not going to tell You that Sponsor Bucks is the best program ever, however You should know that we are honest and reliable, at last we are like You: we run our TGP's, make galleries and we know what is needed to convert this kind of traffic and we understand Your problems. Don't hesitate to contact us with Your questions or suggestions at any time and we'll help You or listen to You with pleasure.

Sinserly: Sponsor Bucks staff

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