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Welcome to Orchid Designs

    You have reached the web site of world famous web design company Orchid Designs. We made our good name by designing adult web sites for years. We all know, adult sites are not for entertainment of webmasters who run them, they exist to make money. And the ones, who know what they are doing - make a bank. We all need to invest a lot of hard work, money and patience to make our web sites earn us a good living. The unique look of Your web site, the original idea and noticeable personality - what really matters when we are talking about a successful adult site. If You want to sit comfortable and watch Your sales rolling - You need us to professionally take care of Your web site's idea and design. We don't talk just about a good looking site. By running paysites, affiliate programs, AVS, MGP, TGP, Tube and BBS sites for more than 10 years! ourselves, we 100% know hot to coordinate a good look of web sites with a good and productive traffic trading and money making possibilities. So You get what others don't have - exclusively designed site capable of making good money no matter the volume of traffic and good productivity to trade big traffic. These 2 things are the ones what really counts.

    We are designing various web sites since 1999 and we know how to build a successful web site to attract surfers and webmasters making them buy things You need.  Orchid Designs is the first web design company to design TGP and CJ2 sites! You can see a proof of that by reviewing our huge TGP/MGP sites portfolio. We are specializing mainly in adult web site design: paysites, affiliate programs, AVS, MGP, TGP, Tube and BBS sites and adult graphics such as banners, logos, half page ads, full page ads, etc. But we also design non adult sites: sites for webmasters, affiliate programs, hosting sites, mainstream business sites, etc. If You're looking for simple, cheap and usual web designs You can see all over the net, You're on a wrong place. We offer only top notch, unique look and personality kind of web site design. Take a look at our portfolio and see why more than 200 webmasters are visiting our site and we had no unhappy clients yet. We can satisfy Your needs.

    Orchid Designs designs all types of HTML pages including JavaScript and Dynamic HTML, CSS driven pages, high class and quality graphics. We also consult our customers and offer free support as long as we don't need to make big changes to existing designs we already did. What we don't do is Flash.

    We use simple computers and simple software everybody can use, but the main thing that makes our designs so exciting, unique and worth every cent You pay is that we use our brains, knowledge and our experience to offer You the best products and ideas You could ever need. We never use templates or ready skins, every new site designed by us has completely new idea and look. By having a huge experience in running paysites, affiliate programs, AVS, MGP, TGP, Tube and BBS sites ourselves we always know how a site should look and work to make the best results. We don't have unhappy customers: You can ask any of them or read the testimonials.

    So if You came to our site and You need high class, top notch, high-end and quality website, no matter of what kind, if You need an optimal solution and reasonable design time - You have came to the right place! We don't copy ideas of others, others copy our work like mad and this is the sign that Orchid Designs is the way to go. We always make different solutions and always guarantee that You will be satisfied with the work we did. We also give You support for products designed and developed by us. If it's what You need and what You want - You are our client and we are ready for doing business with You!

    Make sure to check our Prices and F.A.Q. sections please, You'll have some questions answered fast, and if You need any kind of help or explanations - You can go to our contacts section and reach us by any way You want: email, ICQ,.

    We are open for any kind of discussions and debates about the things You need and we are always ready to talk about all kinds of offers and cooperation! We currently accept such payment options: Epassporte, PayPal and Wire Transfers.

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Nophest, Xnxx.com
George, 89.com
Shemp, Shemp.com
Boneprone, Boneprone.com
Jason, Vidsvidsvids.com
Rage, Bunnyteens.com
NastyRat, Nastyrat.com
Tim, Timsmovies.com
Thomas, Adultreviews.net
Tue, Atoscripts.com
Buf Father, Adultbuffet.com
Diesel, Dieselcash.com

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