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What our clients think of us

    " My surfers love the new (orchid) design! =)"
    Nophest, Xnxx.com

    "Spy, I'm sure you heard it before, but let me repeat: You are one great designer! I love the logo you made for us, and you did it so fast, before I had a chance to say 'Jack Robinson...' it was ready! Thank you!!!"
    George, 89.com

    "I have had Orchid Designs build a number of sites for me. SpyCam's work is first class, he always exceeds our expectations and that is not easy to do. He has a very good eye for color variation, his sites have a unique look to them. As an example, Shempland.com is a clean, striking design and has been successfully recived by the surfers. There is a lot of competition of course, but I'm pleased to have Orchid Designs as our main site designer."
    Shemp, Shemp.com

    "SpyCam has been an Official Designer of the Boneprone family for several years now for good reason, he knows his shit! The family and myself have personally counted on Spycam's designs to keep our tgps competitive in todays market with the latest looks and eye catching graphics. Boneprone approved and a favorite of the family "Orchid Designs" 4-Life. Keep up the great work"
    Boneprone, Boneprone.com, The Boneprone Family

    "The work was fast and reliable and comprehensive. I look forward to using my new design for moviegalleries.com and work with Spy again. Thanks."
    Jason, Vidsvidsvids.com

    "Orchid Designs has always provided me with clean and fresh designs that simply work. The sites are bright, eye catching and are still kept simple. They work quickly, do exactly as specified, provide great service and are always very affordable. I'll be using Orchid Designs for all of my design work for quite a while."
    Rage, Bunnyteens.com

    "I always thought that I had the ability to design my own sites. How I was wrong... after Orchid designed my site my traffic doubled in 24 hours! Looks like he know what the surfer like! ;) I highly recommend!"
    NastyRat, Nastyrat.com

    "SpyCam is one designer that I keep coming back to.I've had several sites designed by him and was pleased with his work each time.He is one of the fastest and most professional designers out there.I would definitely recommend him to any webmaster looking to start a new site or improve their current site."
    Tim, Timsmovies.com

    "Good pro and fast design... SpyCam knows what I'm thinking before I do myself regarding design... Everything ain't perfect from the start but with a little work it becomes nearly perfect... It's also easy working with Orchid Designs... I think it's because SpyCam tries to think as I do... I don't know if that is true.. But I get my design work made for a good price... Only bad thing is he's almost always bugged with work to do..."
    Thomas, Adultreviews.net, Laptop4u.dk

    "We simply love the new and fresh design Orchid Designs have made for us for momsover50.com. Normally we tend to make our own designs, but after seeing how fast and professionally SpyCam works, and have seen the result of his design in a huge increase in productivity then we for sure are going to put more of our design jobs over in his hands and use our time on what we are best at."
    Tue, ATOscripts.com

     "...We are always under pressure to come up with an eye-catching, but very navigable web site. In this business, it's hard to balance the two successfully. Orchid Designs provided us with a design which has continued to receive praise from millions of our visitors on a daily basis ! Their professional attitude and their personal service is worth mentioning and we will certainly use Orchid Designs again. We highly recommend them to any webmaster, whether they need their designs built from scratch, or for the occasional site face-lift. Thanks again ! "
    Buf Father, AdultBuffet.com

     "Spycam, alwayskicks out top notch designs and you can't go wrong when you send your business his way!I look forward to working with Spycam on future projects."
    Keev, AmericanThumbs.com

     "We at DieselSpace.com have decided to use design services of Orchid Designs for almost all our projects. They proved themselves as a high skilled and proffesional in every field of online business. Well, probably we're not telling the news here because you know that Orchid Designs is what you need."
    Diesel, Dieselcash.com

     "The work was fast and reliable. He knew just what I wanted and did a kick ass design."
    Ray, Wetandwild.org

     "Im very happy with orchid designs, They do realy good work. So if you are still wondering if you should have them make your a site, order one and you''ll be 100% happy!"
    Danny .R, Nobsmovies.com

   What our clients think of us

Nophest, Xnxx.com
George, 89.com
Shemp, Shemp.com
Boneprone, Boneprone.com
Jason, Vidsvidsvids.com
Rage, Bunnyteens.com
NastyRat, Nastyrat.com
Tim, Timsmovies.com
Thomas, Adultreviews.net
Tue, Atoscripts.com
Buf Father, Adultbuffet.com
Diesel, Dieselcash.com

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